Thursday, June 16, 2016

How Opinion and Thought Contaminate the Mind

Some people debate maliciously others honestly but the wise are
silent stand back from arguments keep the mind open.
How can you ever free the mind of its opinions if you let
desire lead you and do exactly as you like?

You're bound  by your own habits can speak only what you know.
If you credit anything based on rational thought or fantasy you're not clear.
They're part of the conditioned world.
The benefit they give is shaky built on sand.
To overcome habitual points of view is hard.

You investigate them all abandon some and choose a special one.
You argue to defend  a point of view  but if you're free  of set beliefs -
no need!
You've nothing to deny  or to assert  quite purified  right now  of worldly views.

The wise have no such view about what is or what is not.
They know both thought and pride are meaningless.
Nothing defines them.
The wise see your failings if you blow your own trumpet  skite about yourvirtue and awareness but they acknowledge your virtue if you're calm don't bragare selfless and unworldly.

 The Way Things Really Are: a Translation of Book IV of the Sutta Nipata   

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